Who is eligible?

MSU undergraduate, graduate and professional students who do not have an MSU dining plan and are enrolled in courses in fall or spring semester are eligible to use the Student Food Bank. Students do not need to be enrolled in summer classes in order to use the food bank in the summer.  If attending for the first time, please bring proof of enrollment (i.e., bill stub, schedule, etc.) for spring, summer, or fall semester. You must bring your MSU student ID to every distribution.

What is available from the Student Food Bank?

  1. The MSU Student Food Bank provides free food and related items to students facing food insecurity and in need of assistance. The Student Food Bank provides supplemental support, this means that we do not provide all of the food and supplies you will need for two weeks but our goal is to cut your grocery bill in at least half.
  2. We always have vegetables, fruits, soups, pasta or rice, at least one protein, cereal and other items available for your selection at a distribution. Additionally, we almost always have fresh produce, bread, and MSU Dairy Store cheese available at distributions.
  3. If you need additional food we can help by referring you to other food programs in the East Lansing area. The MSU Student Food Bank is a welcoming and supportive student community - we are here to serve.