How A Distribution Works:

When you first arrive to Olin on the distribution night go to the west-side of the building (adjacent to the Grand River Parking Ramp) and you will see our sign, use the building entrance by the sign.  If you require an accessible entrance, we will meet you at the main entrance to Olin.  Once you're inside take a number from the dispenser by the door.  If this is your first time attending the Student Food Bank you will want to grab a "New Client Form" and complete it while waiting for your number to be called by the Check-in Table.

When the Check-in Table staff calls your number bring your MSU ID (or your partner's if you are not the MSU student in the household) and if it's your first distribution of the semester your proof of enrollment (copy of schedule or bill - on your phone or laptop screen is fine) and if it's your first-ever distribution your completed New Client Form.  The Check-in Table staff will get you checked in and then advise you how long it will be for your interview.

When an interviewer calls your number please join them at their booth to make your food selections.  The interviewer will go over the food available at the distribution and how much you can receive based on the number of people in your household. There will be a example of each product available that evening for you to review and read the label.  Once you have made your selections the interviewer will ask you to sign your interview form and give you a bag for the "Free Will Counter."

At the "Free Will Counter" you will be able to make your bread, fresh produce, and supplemental food ("free will") selections. A volunteer at the counter will advise you on how many of each item you may select and help find items for you.  As you are making your selections at the Free Will Counter our volunteers will be filling your order in the backroom.  When your order is filled it will be available at the "Food Pick-up Window" and one of our client service staff members will be there to assist you in getting your order. Depending on how busy we are the process will take you 25-45 minutes.

The Student Food Bank provides re-usable canvas bags on your first visit, these are your bags to keep.  We highly encourage you to bring your bags with you on each visit.  We will replace worn out or damaged bags, just bring in the old bags for replacement.