We Need Your Help to Serve Students in Need:

All of the funds for distribution expenses are raised through charitable donations from organizations and community members like you! Because our food is purchased entirely through the generosity of individuals and groups like yourself, your monetary support is essential to the success of our service. All financial gifts to the MSU Student Food Bank are 100% tax deductible.

The MSU Student Food Bank is a member of the Greater Lansing Food Bank this allows us to purchase food for an average of $0.45 per pound, saving us 72% compared to the national wholesale cost of food. This means that financial donations have a greater impact than food donations because we can buy significantly more food than the average consumer with the same amount of money. Financial donations are also preferable and encouraged as we have limited storage space and a small (part-time) staff and therefore cannot sort large food donations.

Your donations make a difference, here's what our clients have to say about the services your donations fund:

“This program is a life-saver! Thank you so much!”
- Graduate student, Arts & Letters, Single parent – 3 children

“I save money on food for the more important things like medicine and health care.”
- Graduate student, Education

“It helps us to have less stress as parents to feed our family.”
- Graduate student, Sociology, Married – 1 child

“I am not worried any longer of surviving as a single mom and international student...”
- Graduate student, Music, Single parent – 1 child

“Whenever we had a hard time, we could count on the food bank – like now.”
- Graduate Student, Arts & Letters, Married – 3 children

“It prevents my wife and me from having to have second jobs.  It would be near impossible to complete studies and work to pay our living expenses without the food bank. I do not feel that it can be overstated how important the food bank has been to me and my family.”
- Graduate Student, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Married